About Us

Cecelia’s Marketplace was established by both Dr. Mara Matison and Mr. Dainis Matison in 2006, soon after Mara was diagnosed with celiac disease. The couple struggled with Mara’s huge lifestyle change, which included adhering to a strict gluten-free diet. Shopping trips to the grocery store were very frustrating. Spending time calling food manufacturers to find out if products were gluten-free seemed like a daily routine. They knew there had to be an easier way, so they decided to compile a gluten-free grocery shopping guide. Since then, Mara has been also diagnosed with a casein and soy intolerance, which brought about the need for the Gluten/Casein Free Grocery Shopping Guide and the Gluten/Casein/Soy Free Grocery Shopping Guide.

Thanks to all three of Cecelia’s Marketplace grocery shopping guides, the Easy 30 Day Gluten-Free Diet book and the Gluten-Free Mexican Cookbook, gluten-free living has now become easier for not only the authors, but also their families, friends and thousands of gluten-free shoppers nationwide.

Dr. Mara Matison received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Detroit Mercy, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Villanova University. Her husband and co-author, Dainis Matison, received his Master of Science degree in Information Technology and Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Ball State University. They are both members nationwide organizations that support people with celiac disease, food intolerances, and food sensitivities.