Gluten-Free Chinese Restaurants

Everybody loves using chop sticks to eat Chinese food! Even though that might be a challenge in itself, eating Chinese food at a restaurant can be more challenging because most all Chinese recipes include soy sauce which contains wheat. Thanks to the availability of gluten-free soy sauce and the increasing demand for gluten-free food now Chinese restaurants offer options for celiacs and those with gluten intolerance. Now you can order stir-fry or your favorite steamed rice and veggie dishes.

Most of the Chinese restaurants that offer gluten-free food also have fabulous gluten-free menus that make it easy for selecting your meals. As always, if you ever have any questions or doubts, many restaurant managers or chefs are on hand and are more than happy to help explain how the foods are prepared or to help you select which dish will suit you the best. Below is a list of gluten-free Chinese restaurants:

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro –
GF menu, over 200 locations

Pei Wei Asian Diner –
GF menu, located in 21 states

Mama Fu’s Asian House –
GF menu, 13 locations in 4 states

Fire Bowl Café –
GF menu

Finally, eating a tasty stir-fry at a sit down restaurant can be done. If you’re still cautious about ordering, you can always ask the chef to prepare your meal with no sauce and just ‘BYOGFSS’ (Bring Your Own Gluten Free Soy Sauce). That way, you can add as much or as little sauce you would like to your meal.

A company that makes great gluten-free soy sauce is San-J. They offer a few different gluten-free soy sauces and gluten-free Asian cooking sauces and salad dressings. So go ahead, venture out and see if you can master your chop sticks to be able to pick up your rice and veggies.

If you do venture out to eat at restaurants, don’t forget to bring your Gluten-Free Dining Out Card by Cecelia’s Marketplace. It will explain to the waiter and chef what foods you can and can’t have when eating a gluten-free diet.

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Gluten-Free Dining Out Card