Natural Ingredients for Sexual Function

Erectile dysfunction is a condition under which a person has problems in achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient to conduct sexual intercourse. There are a lot of natural boosters of erectile function. If you will follow some of the recommendations given you will be able to improve your sexual life even if you are young. But if these natural components have no effect on your potency Canadian Pharmacy online offers you to buy Viagra Generics. Visit this website – and find your generic of Viagra.generic viagra

Natural Sexual Boosters

Honey with nuts

Both components are taken in equal proportions been well mixed. The nuts must first be chopped. The mixture in the amount of 2 teaspoons is taken after a meal with milk. The correct time of intake is not specified. The main advantages of the effect:

  • this mixture gives the very vitamins that must be taken during all the day;
  • help develop male hormones.

Pomegranate juice

If you drink pomegranate juice for about a month every day, you will already feel the effect. The daily recommended amount is a mug during the day. It improves blood circulation and, as a result, accelerates an erection. Therefore, pomegranate juice is an excellent traditional remedy to increase the potency in men without side effects.


Turnip is useful for dealing with erectile dysfunction. This vegetable is eaten both fresh and cooked. You can boil it with milk which will only increase the effect. You can mix it with other vegetables making a salad.

Carrot juice

You can drink half a cup 3 times a day after meal. Carrot itself improves blood circulation and blood flow in the pelviс organs, increases the performance of the penis.

Banana and kefir

Take half a banana and put in a cup, where it is melted. Pour cup with kefir, add sugar to taste and mix everything thoroughly until complete dissolution. It is tasty. It is recommended for intake after a meal or before exercise.

Advantages of this mixture are:

  • banana helps increase the duration of intercourse and improves male power;
  • dairy products improve the reproductive capacity and productivity of the seminal fluid;
  • together they give a greater effect, and the mixture is considered in men a traditional remedy for increasing potency quickly.

Some seafood

They include:

  • squids;
  • crayfish;
  • mussels and oysters;
  • mackerel;
  • rapa whelk.

All these seafood are considered aphrodisiacs and always increase activity in bed.


It has a hormone that stimulates libido in women. Use it in your vegetable salads or eat as a side dish for meat. Some people prefer cream soup from this vegetable. There is also celery juice. You can use its leaves, stems. The root is also useful.

Stewed or baked tomatoes

It is better to use the vegetable after heat treatment. That is better to stew or bake them. In this form, they greatly increase the function of the sex glands. Tomatoes are also added to pizza or pasta.

Sea buckthorn berries

Sea buckthorn berries are useful in any form: salads, juice, tea and jams.

Quail or chicken eggs

Quail eggs can be taken both in raw form or as an omelet. Chicken eggs should not be taken in a raw form. You can make an omelet from eggs and add onions there, which will enhance the effect.

Dairy products

It is useful to drink the milk itself or drink it when dining. It improves reproductive properties. In addition, the following dairy products are distinguished for male power: koumiss; sour milk; cottage cheese; kefir; hard cheese; sour cream.

Which greens are better?

Among the greens a special place is occupied:

  • parsley normalizes and increases the level of male hormones;
  • spinach normalizes blood circulation in the body;
  • onions improve testosterone production and increase cravings.

All these types of greens are good because they can be added as a condiment in various salads and dishes.

Dry berries and nuts porridge

In the same shares take raisins, peeled prunes, figs and walnuts. All this is well mixed. You can add honey to taste. Eat this after dinner for 2 tablespoons. We get such a useful and at the same time delicious way of increasing the potency of men with traditional remedies.

Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seeds improve libido, restore male power. Even pumpkin oil increases reproductive function, improves male hormones production. Pumpkin seeds are useful with honey. It may be mixed with honey in the same ratio and consumed about 5 times during the day in the amount of 1 tablespoon.

Ginger with honey

Dry ginger, along with honey in equal proportions, is consumed 3 times a day in half a teaspoon. The whole thing is washed down with water. Ginger not only stimulates male power but also strengthens the immune system.

Additional recommendations

  • Take a douche as often as possible.
  • Give up alcohol. Otherwise, it may completely make you useless in bed.
  • Give up smoking. Not only does this kill your breath, which is bad for the duration of the act, it also worsens the production of male hormones.
  • Less fatty, fried in the diet. That is, do not abuse them.
  • Follow the sleep regimen, which will decrease the amount of stress and have a positive effect on male strength.
  • Do not forget to exercise, move more, play sports. It helps to keep pelvic organs in good shape.
  • Buy Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy for better sexual performance.

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