Product Alerts – 2007 Edition

Product Alerts – 2007 Edition

gluten-freePlease note that the following items are no longer gluten-free and should be crossed out from your Cecelia’s Marketplace Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide, 2007 Edition.

bouillon/bouillon cubes: page 30
Better Than Bouillon – Remove: Reduced Sodium Beef & Reduced Sodium Vegetables bases.

candy/candy bars: page 44
Hershey’s – Remove: Almond Joy and Mounds.

cereal: page 53
Malt-O-Meal – Remove: All Malt-O-Meal cereal.
Safeway – Remove: Golden Corn Nuggets cereal.

chicken: page 67
Tyson Simply Perfect – Please note: Chicken Tenders (Bagged) are NOT gluten-free. Fresh Chicken Breast Tenders are gluten-free.

chips: page 74
Old Dutch – Remove: All Old Dutch chips with the exception of Plain Tortilla Chips.

chocolate: page 78
Hershey’s – Remove: Almond Joy and Mounds.

chocolate: page 81
Trader Joe’s – Remove: Chocolate Truffles.

cookies: page 90
Archway – Remove: Coconut Macaroon Cookies.

crisps: page 103
Genisoy – Remove: All Genisoy products.

meatballs: page 165
Aidells – Remove: Teriyaki & Pineapple Meatballs

soup: page 275
Progresso – Remove: Vegetable Classics – Green Split Pea with Bacon.

Anti-Gas: page 327
Beano – Remove: Gas Relief Tablets.

Vitamins & Minerals: page 341
Centrum – Remove: All Centrum Vitamins.

At Cecelia’s Marketplace we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. If you find a product in our Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide that is not gluten-free please let us know by emailing:

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