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Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide

Stop spending time calling food manufacturers and reading lengthy food labels. Now all the research has been done for you. Cecelia’s Marketplace Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide lists over 45,000 gluten-free products.

Easy 30 Day Gluten-Free Diet

Need help starting a gluten-free diet?
This book is easiest way to start a successful gluten-free diet. It includes daily meal plans, gluten-free tips and step-by-step recipe instructions.

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If you feel like you are struggling with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, Cecelia’s Marketplace offers great products that can help. It has helped thousands of individuals that are on a gluten-free diet as well as those that are just starting.

The Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide is our best selling product and has received numerous awards:

  • “Recommended Reading List”Delight Gluten-Free Magazine
  • Voted “Best Buy”Living Without Magazine
  • “Best Seller”6 years in a row Celiac.com
  • “Hot Product”GlutenfreeMall.com
  • Named “The Gluten-Free Bible”numerous reviews on Amazon.com

Finding gluten-free foods is now easier and more efficient, thanks to the gluten-free guide. Finally, shopping for gluten-free products is safe, simple and affordable!

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Making Gluten-Free Living Easy!


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Making Gluten-Free Living Easy!

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