Product Alerts – 2008/2009 Edition

Product Alerts – 2008/2009 Edition


Please note that the following items are no longer gluten-free and should be crossed out from your Cecelia’s Marketplace Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide.

candy/candy bars: page 52
Hershey’s – REMOVE: Good & Plenty (product alert added 5/8/08)

trail mix: page 369
Emerald – REMOVE: Tropical Blend Trail Mix (product alert added 7/1/08)

grits: page 163
Bob’s Red Mil- REMOVE: Corn Grits (product alert added 10/30/08)

broth: page 44 (product alert added 12/09/08)
Swanson – REMOVE: Lower Sodium Beef Broth (14 oz can ONLY)
Swanson – REMOVE: Organic Broths (All)
Swanson – REMOVE: Ready To Serve Beef Broth (14 oz can ONLY)

rice: page 267

Old El Paso – REMOVE: Cheesy Mexican Rice (product alert added 12/09/08)
Old El Paso – REMOVE: Spanish Rice (product alert added 12/09/08)

salsa: page 290

Pace – REMOVE: All Listed Pace Salsas (product alert added 12/09/08)

sauces: page 298

Prego – REMOVE: All Listed Prego Sauces (product alert added 12/09/08)

soup: page 334

Campbell’s – REMOVE: All Listed Campbell’s Soups (product alert added 12/09/08)

At Cecelia’s Marketplace we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. If you find a product in our Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide that is not gluten-free please let us know by clicking here and filling out the product alert form.

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